We hear you!

We have learned that string players all over the world want access to good technical exercises, string methods, duets, and more. From cello positions to violin finger exercises, these books have been designed to make you a better string player!

C. Harvey Publications has sold over 30,000 books to customers in over 40 countries. But shipping costs are rising and we decided to offer books in an additional format here at Learn Strings.

Every week, over at www.charveypublications.com, we get messages from you asking for ebooks. Whether you live outside of the United States or just want the books right away, ebooks can be very convenient. Download a cello ebook or violin ebook and start practicing right away. You can view the ebooks on your computer or tablet or print the pages out and play from your music stand.

As Learn Strings grows, we will be offering music for student string ensembles, 'how-to' guides for adult learners, and more.



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