Finger Agility for the Cello: get faster fingers on the cello.
Finger Agility for the Cello Sample Page: use these exercises to get faster fingers on the cello.
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Finger Agility for the Cello, Book One - PDF download

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This cello study book is a counterpart to Finger Exercises for the Cello, Book One, giving you an all-new set of finger exercises in closed first position that will help your fingers move faster!

These exercises can help you move around the cello better with your left hand. Sixteenth-note studies help your fingers build muscle memory in first position and double stop exercises near the end of the book help you work on a correct left-hand playing position and playing on the tips of your fingers. 

Who this book can help: Beginning and intermediate cellists who want faster fingers on the cello.

How to use this book: Play one exercise a day as the first part of your practice session. Start the exercise slowly, listening to your notes and focusing on form. As your intonation improves, start increasing your speed.

Note: this is a PDF download of the book; not a print book. This book can be saved to your computer and printed.

by Cassia Harvey

48 pages

Level: Beginning or Early-Intermediate. Uses only closed first position on the cello.

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