Finger Exercises for the Violin - PDF Download
Finger Exercises for the Violin - PDF Download
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Finger Exercises for the Violin - PDF Download

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Faster, Stronger Left-Hand Fingers on the Violin!

Finger Exercises for the Violin, Book One presents a series of exercises that train the first or second-year violinist’s left hand in strength and agility in first position.

With sections that focus on "high second finger", "low second finger", and "high third finger", these studies are a great way to build muscle memory and work on intonation. Each exercise focuses on a pattern that can be used to help your fingers feel less awkward in first position.

If you want faster fingers on the violin, playing one or two of these finger exercises is a great way to build your technique and improve your finger speed.

The book is useful as a basic daily training supplement that can work along with a method or repertoire.

While not intended for a complete beginner, the exercises can be played by late-beginner students who know first position notes on all four strings.

These exercises have distilled pure technique into short studies that can help improve your first-position playing in just a few minutes a day.

This book can be followed by Finger Exercises for the Violin, Book Two.

Note: this is a PDF download of the book; not a print book. This book can be saved to your computer and printed.

by Cassia Harvey
edited by Myanna Harvey
40 pages

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