Finger Agility for the Violin, Book One
Finger Agility for the Violin, Book One - get faster fingers on the violin with these exercises.
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Finger Agility for the Violin, Book One - PDF Download

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This violin study book is a counterpart to Finger Exercises for the Violin, Book One, giving you an all-new set of finger exercises in first position that will help your fingers move faster!

These exercises can help you move around the violin better with your left hand. Sixteenth-note studies help your fingers build muscle memory in first position.

Who this book can help: First-year and intermediate violinists who want faster fingers on the violin.

How to use this book: Play one exercise a day as the first part of your practice session. Start the exercise slowly, listening to your notes and focusing on form. As your intonation improves, start increasing your speed.

Note: this is a PDF download of the book; not a print book. This book can be saved to your computer and printed.

by Cassia Harvey

40 pages

Level: First-year or Early-Intermediate. Uses high and low second finger and high and low third finger.

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