Habanera from Carmen for Student String Orchestra
Habanera from Carmen for Student String Orchestra
Habanera from Carmen for Student String Orchestra
Exercises for Habanera from Carmen for Student String Orchestra
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Habanera from Carmen for String Orchestra - PDF download

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This arrangement of Bizet’s Habanera from Carmen for student string orchestra makes the orchestra sound good! Students like the piece because of the drama and rhythm. Teachers like the piece because it presents the very best side of their students in a concert. Playing this famous dance melody from the opera is a great way to get your students to love classical music!
The parts have been arranged to both teach skills and help students sound their best. The piece includes violin and cello parts at multiple levels to allow you to use this with mixed-level groups. 
Free exercise pages are included to help teach your students the skills used in this piece. 

Note: this is a PDF download of the book; not a print book. This book can be saved to your computer and printed.

by Georges Bizet
arranged by Myanna Harvey


The level of this piece is "1b-2" or "Easy".
Level descriptions for each part: 
Violin 1 is all in first position, with high and low 2nd finger, string crossing, and a slightly complex unison rhythm that uses triplets and eighth notes. 
Violin 2 is all in first position with low and high 2nd finger and notes on all four strings.
Violin 3 is very simple, all in first position, and only uses 7 different notes. 
Viola is all in first position with some accidentals and notes on all four strings.
Cello 1 can be played all in first position with two optional fourth position notes. The main part includes the traditional Habanera dance rhythm across strings. 
Cello 2 is all in first position with both arco and pizzicato sections. 
Double Bass is all in first position with both arco and pizzicato sections. 
Piano accompaniment enriches the sound of the orchestra and helps with solidifying rhythms. 
Part of the “Learn String Orchestra Music” series, the piece works on the following skills: staccato, high and low 2nd finger (violin 1, violin 2, and viola), pizzicato, triplet, eighth, dotted eighth, and sixteenth note rhythms, fermatas, and more.  
Exercise pages that help students play the notes in Habanera have been included to give teachers material for class study. These pages isolate and teach difficulties. 
Parts included: 
Score- 12 pages
Violin 1- 2 pages
Violin 2- 2 pages
Violin 3 (optional)- 2 pages
Viola- 2 pages
Cello 1- 2 pages
Cello 2 (optional)- 2 pages 
Double Bass1 page
Piano Accompaniment- 3 pages
String exercise parts- 15 pages
Note: exercises are specific to each instrument and cannot be played with the exercises for the other instruments. 

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