The Open-String Book for Violin - PDF Download
The Open-String Book for Violin - PDF Download
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The Open-String Book for Violin - PDF Download

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This book works on basic violin bowing and rhythm skills using only open strings. From quarter and eighth notes to the first slurs, this book can help students read music and play open strings at the very first lesson. Other skills taught include restsopen string double stops, 3/4 timing, string crossing, and half and whole notes.

Are you teaching beginning violinists? This is a great book to use with students from the very first lesson. While they progress to fingered notes after (and sometimes during) the first lesson, you can continue assigning this book until the student finishes it. It's great as a warm-up at the beginning of the lesson where they can focus on bowing.

Are you an adult teaching yourself? This book doesn't have any explanatory words and was intended to be used in a lesson. However, adult learners can play through it and improve their playing if they know a bit about how to read music (how notes fall on a staff, how rhythms are notated, etc.).

This book could be used along with Learning the Violin, Book One and could be followed by The Hot Cross Buns Book for Violin.


by Cassia Harvey
31 pages   CHPD169

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