Treble Clef for the Cello - PDF Download
Treble Clef for the Cello - PDF Download
Treble Clef for the Cello - PDF Download
Treble Clef for the Cello - PDF Download
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Treble Clef for the Cello - PDF Download

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Learn how to read treble clef on the cello!

This book teaches you how to read and play notes in treble clef on the cello, one note at a time. The exercises help you see how bass clef and tenor clef connect to treble clef. Carefully crafted studies help you recognize and remember each note as you learn it. Short pieces are included to use the notes that were just learned so that you can practice playing in treble clef. 

If you are an intermediate or advanced cellist and you know bass and tenor clef (if not, see Tenor Clef for the Cello by Cassia Harvey), this book will help teach you the final clef! Advanced cello solo, chamber, and orchestral music regularly uses bass, tenor, and treble clef. 

One skill that is not typically taught in cello playing is reading treble clef an octave lower. Some cello music has parts written in this “false” treble clef that you are expected to be able to read and play. This book can help! At the end of the book, after the regular study of the clef, there is a section on reading treble clef one octave lower, followed by study pages that teach the treble clef sections of the cello part to an excerpt from Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 18, No. 4 and all of the treble clef sections in the cello part to Dvorak’s American String Quartet Op. 96, No. 12!

This book could be studied after Tenor Clef for the Cello (CHP109) and along with Learning Three-Octave Scales on the Cello (CHP356) and Thumb Position School for the Cello (CHP361.) 

Note: this is a PDF download of the book; not a print book. This book can be saved to your computer and printed.  

by Cassia Harvey
60 pages CHPD62
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